Ways To Prevent Anxiety Attacks

How To Prevent Anxiety And Panic Attacks

how to stop feeling stressed and anxious“Anxiety” is surely not an unfamiliar word. According to research, almost everyone is prone to anxiety and will experience an anxiety/panic attack at least once in their lifetime.

Anxiety does not only affect mental health but greatly reduces the quality of life and affects victims in all fields. Anxiety shortens a victim’s vision and approach to life.

Anxiety is undoubtedly a major issue when it comes to mental health. So here I’m going to address how to prevent anxiety and panic attacks, how to reduce anxiety and panic attacks, and how to stop feeling stressed and anxious.

Collected here are some of the most effective ways to stop feeling anxious (through personal experience as well as through expert opinions).

What is “Anxiety?”how to reduce anxiety and panic attacks
Before we get into details on how to prevent anxiety and panic attacks, it’s necessary to understand what anxiety is and how anxiety/panic attacks are triggered.

Anxiety, in general, is a mental health disorder that is further classified into different disorders. People may or may not be victims of more than one anxiety disorders.

An anxiety disorder is basically “fear” and “tension”. Fear of what may happen in the future and tension/worry of events going on in the present moment. According to studies, people suffering from anxiety find it difficult to let go of events occurred in the past. All these circumstances heavily affect an individual’s behaviour and outlook on life. Click here to read about Common Causes Of Anxiety

How can we prevent panic and anxiety attacks?
Let’s be honest here, you could make a list of a million ways to prevent anxiety attacks, but when anxiety hits you, it hits you hard, and you feel too hopeless even to make an effort to help yourself.

In this article, I’ll shortlist the most effective ways to prevent anxiety attacks and ways to stop feeling anxious through personal experience.

Change the way you look at anxiety
how to stop feeling stressed and anxiousThe first step to solve any problem is to change your perception of it.

If you’re an anxiety victim, this is going to be the hardest step for you to take. But trust me, once you change your perception of anxiety, everything else is going to be an easy road for you.

Consider anxiety as “quicksand”, the more you start worrying or paying attention to the negativity in your mind, the deeper you’ll go. Your first step should be to understand that anxiety is a temporary state and that it should not be mistaken for a permanent state of mind.

Second should be realising that anxiety strikes in waves, some are going to be worse than others but don’t let go of yourself, or you’ll fly away like a paper bag in the wind.

Third should be realising what particular things induce those “anxiety” waves.

Last but not the least is to accept anxiety and not blame others. Anxiety is complicated, and it can be solved if you work with, not against it.

Don’t scare yourself!how to reduce anxiety and panic attacks
Now that you’ve realised and accepted that you’re a victim of anxiety, next is to work with it. This is one of the most effective ways to stop feeling anxious.

Anxiety is caused by fear. Learn to control your fears and look towards things more positively. Shorten your expectations yet broaden your image (positively). We usually live life in the long term regarding months, years, or even decades and so we set our goals that way. Imagine living life regarding days instead. Setting daily goals that get you closer to your bigger goals one step at a time. Breakdown big things into small, possible, and easy things. This highly reduces fear of what’s going to happen tomorrow. Have a broad vision but live daily.

This is one of the most effective ways to stop feeling anxious. If you learn to control your fears, you’ve nearly learned to control your anxiety. In case of an anxiety attack, don’t respond like “this is the worst day ever”, respond in a more neutral if not positive manner. For example, “this may be a bad day but it’s under my control and tomorrow is going to be a good day”. The way you think is a powerful thing and that alone can allow your mind to control your emergency system and your response to anxiety attacks.

Calm downhow to stop feeling stressed and anxious
Calming down is also one of the ways to stop feeling anxious. Keep in mind that minor stress usually lasts for a couple of minutes, while higher stress can last for 30-40 minutes. Meanwhile, you’ve to consider your options, of which getting annoyed or irritated shouldn’t be one.

Instead do what keeps you positive and relaxed, be it listening to music, reading a novel or talking to a friend.

In the meantime you may be faced with changing behaviour and feelings of stress, panic or anxiety but the more calm and positive you remain, the sooner it ends.

Breathe Slowly
During an anxiety attack you may run short of breath, the best thing to do is to calm down and breathe slowly. This produces a natural tranquil effect that calms down your body and counters stress. As a result, you’ll feel lighter and better. This is probably the “least effort” required of all the ways to stop feeling anxious. (I appreciate how difficult this can be at the time of a panic attack, but the more you practice remaining calm and in control, the easier you’ll find this to be)

Try to distract yourself
Last but not least on our list of how to prevent anxiety and panic attacks is to distract yourself. Yes, anxiety is bad but is it ever-lasting? No!

A vacant mind is a home to all sorts of thought, be it positive or negative (unfortunately, in most of us it tends to be the latter). Distracting yourself will keep your mind busy and prevent a panic attack. It’s also one of the easiest ways to stop feeling anxious. As soon as you feel a wave of anxiety coming your way, find something to do. Play a game, talk to a friend or just simply go out for a walk, the outside world is a wonderful distraction from ourselves. Do what soothes you.how to reduce anxiety and panic attacks

Thank you very much for reading my article. I sincerely hope this list of ways to stop feeling anxious has helped you on your journey on beating your own anxiety. However, if you are still suffering then I strongly recommend taking a look at my review of Panic Away.  Getting this program was without a doubt the turning point for me to be able to fully conquer my own anxiety and panic attacks and I’m sure it can help you beat yours.

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