How To Meditate At Home


How To Meditate For Beginners

feeling greatMeditation is enormously popular nowadays, and with good reason!

Practicing meditation has an extraordinary amount of benefits to both your body and your mind.

With just a small amount of practice, you can drop into your meditative mindset and melt all your anxieties away instantly.

I was originally skeptical about meditation, mostly because I thought I might find it boring and time consuming.

I listened to some guided meditations online, but there was no real structure to them, no realhow to meditate at home way to improve. So I found myself lost and frustrated. I was unable to reap the full benefits of this scientifically proven practice that I knew would be good for me.

But fortunately I was eventually able to find the perfect meditation course.

Not only did it give me everything I was looking for, an easy going, structured course that would help me improve my meditation practice, and also, improve myself, but it could all be done in only a few minutes a day.

In fact, the beginners course starts you off with sessions as short as 2 minutes!

This Meditation course was…how to meditate at home

Live and Dare

Immediately after the first session I noticed the difference. I felt “lighter” and for the first time in a very long time, to meditate at home

I found myself a lot more patient and understanding to those around me.

My mind felt relaxed and clearer, like I could access any information I needed with ease instead of being bombarded by rapid thoughts flying around my head.

I felt like everything was alright and just as it was supposed to be.

My worries about finding meditation boring and time consuming disappeared instantly. In fact, shortly after starting, I found myself really looking forward to doing it everyday and I’ve never looked back.

how to meditate at homeI really couldn’t wait to jump into the next day’s meditation and improve further and see which benefits I’d unlock next. I was already feeling great!

The beginners course consists an everyday practice for 5 weeks.

Originally I was worried about learning how to meditate at home for 5 weeks, but each meditation only takes a few minutes a day, and they are fun, easy, and they leave you feeling great.

In no time at all I couldn’t wait to experience the next day’s meditation!

how to meditate at home

And because the new meditations are released daily, I quickly formed the habit of effortlessly keeping up with this beautiful and enormously beneficial meditation practice.

Each week there is a new theme and technique introduced. This enables you to try various different forms of meditation, rather than being stuck with one form which may not suit you best.

These themes and techniques are as follows:

Week 1

  • Theme: Establishing the habit of meditating daily. Learn optimal attitudes and important tips on how to stick to your habit and deal with obstacles.
  • Technique:Conscious deep breathing, for 2~3 minutes.

Week 2

  • Theme: Solidifying your habit. Improving your posture and ability to focus.
  • Technique: Breathing awareness, for 3~7 minutes.

Week 3

  • Theme: Improving your sessions and concentration.
  • Technique: Mantra meditation, for 8~10 minutes.

Week 4

  • Theme: Refining your attitude towards practice. Mindfulness in daily life.
  • Technique: Chakra meditation, for 11~13 minutes.

Week 5

  • Theme: Mastering your mind. Deepening your practice. Life integration.
  • Technique: Loving-Kindness meditation, for 13~15 minutes.

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I truly believe that with this course, you can enrich your life to levels you didn’t realise were possible.

This is like winning the lottery for your mind, body, and to meditate at home

I know it’s daunting to say you’re going to dedicate 5 weeks to a meditation course, trust me, I get it, I had the same reservations…

But the fact is, when it comes to this course, those few minutes a day for 5 weeks will be converted into massive gains for a lifetime!

You’ll be looking forward to the practice just as I did. Often wanting the next day’s practice before it’s available!

With just the smallest amount of effort and the tiniest amount of willpower, you can enjoy huge beneficial leaps in the quality of every single aspect of your life. And it will, in my experience, become one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

I am constantly recommending this course to everyone that wants to learn how to meditate at home because it has made me infinitely happier than I’ve ever been.

This course has made me feel like I’m constantly in the right place at the right time, and this mindset alone has brought a lot of great things into my life.

how to meditate at home

Everything in my life has become easier, I don’t get overwhelmed anymore, people seem friendlier and more responsive to me, I appreciate the little things, I find my life more entertaining, more enjoyable, and much more rewarding. Not only spiritually rewarding, but also financially rewarding.

This is, in my opinion, the best meditation course available and it’s available to you, right now.

If you’re ready to change your life, and see huge improvements in every aspect of your life, then click below to learn how to meditate at home with Live and Dare’s Beginner Course, and live the way you deserve to live.

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If you are experienced in meditation, Live and Dare also offer an intermediate course!

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