Common Causes Of Anxiety

What Are They?

what causes anxiety attacks for no reasonPeople often ask, “what causes anxiety attacks for no reason?” or, “what causes anxiety disorders and panic attacks?” In this article I will attempt to help you understand a little clearer what some of the common causes of anxiety are.

Anxiety is merely a feeling. It’s an involuntary response to an unwanted situation fueled either by tension or fear or both.

Anxiety is a growing mental health issue in the world today with most of its victims being teenagers to middle-aged men and women. Anxiety also plays a vital role in depreciation of a victim’s natural potential and skill to offer in the professional fields of life.

Anxiety can also be linked to traumatic events occurring in the past. Child abuse, family issues, poverty, and low self-esteem are the common causes of anxiety. But these are only a few reasons of what causes severe anxiety and panic attacks. Other factors will also be mentioned later in this article.

Anxiety, a growing issue
People in general disregard anxiety and depression as if mental health means nothing.

In the United States of America alone, 40 million people suffer from anxiety, which makes up 18.1% of the total US population. What’s more astounding, only 39% of these individuals get the proper attention they need.

Anxiety affects nearly 12% of the world’s population each year, and nearly 30% of the remaining population are expected to come across this damaging misadventure at least once in their life time.

Anxiety in childrenwhat causes anxiety disorders and panic attacks
Alarming is the fact that the anxiety rate is growing among children and teenagers. According to studies, 10 to 20% of youths develop anxiety before the age of 18.

Anxiety among children is often confused with attention seeking or poor health and is often left untreated. Children can fall prey to anxiety for many reasons such as burden of studies, bullying, pressures from teachers or family members, certain expectations, and social rejection. These are all common reasons for what may cause severe anxiety and panic attacks among youths.

If none of the above reasons apply, then the most common causes of anxiety among teens are medical conditions such as autism.

Symptoms of anxiety
To understand what causes panic attack symptoms, we must first understand what the symptoms are. Nearly all anxiety disorders share the same symptoms. These symptoms include;

• Irregular diet.
• Stubbornness.
• Negative behaviour.
• Quietness and hopelessness.
• Shortness of breath.
• Constant fear/feeling of dread.
• Insomnia and trouble sleeping.

What causes severe anxiety and panic attacks?
Following are the common causes of anxiety;

Drugs are easily accessible to not just grown-ups but youngsters too. In poor countries, the drug supply is even more mainstream.

what causes panic attack symptomsAlcohol abuse is one of the common leading causes of anxiety as far as drugs are concerned. Just a moderate amount of alcohol is enough to increase the anxiety level, let alone heavy drinking. Studies have also found that alcoholics are prone to anxiety/panic attacks during the withdrawal period, which have been known to last up to 2 years.

Caffeine can also cause anxiety as it puts the consumer in a hyper-sensitive state and it is addictive to the human brain.

Marijuana use may also be linked with anxiety, but there’s limited support for the claim when compared to alcohol.

If parents suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), then their children are six times more likely to carry on the disorder. In many families, genes are one of the common causes of anxiety. In such cases, children start to show symptoms of anxiety at a very young age. These can eventually worsen as the child hits adolescence if not given the proper attention.

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People with a traumatic childhood are likely to fall prey to anxiety, which may ultimately be carried by his/her children.

A person’s surrounding plays a major role in building up his/her character. If faced with complications, surroundings can have an everlasting negative effect on an individual’s life. Work related stress, problems at home, financial issues and other concerns are all common causes of anxiety and can drag a person into a pit of guilt and hopelessness.


what causes anxiety attacks for no reasonStudies have shown that around 5 to 12% of the population suffer from a specification phobia. This results in panic attacks and anxiety.

Individuals constantly dwell on being confronted by their fears (this could be anything from a particular animal or character, to the darkness or wide open spaces). Individuals give an unhealthy amount of attention to their fears which tend to cause panic attacks. Even when faced with something that only partially represents their fear.

Studies show that individuals with certain personality traits are more prone to falling prey to anxiety.

These traits include;

⁃ Perfectionism:
People with such a personality trait are not easily accepting of situations that are not in line with their expectations. This ultimately results in disappointment and eventually anxiety.

⁃ Timid and low self-esteem:
People with such traits are most likely to suffer from anxiety due to their concerned outlook on life as well as their inability to see their own value. Such individuals tend to lack the willpower and drive required to achieve their goals in life.

⁃ Pessimism:
People that usually expect the worst, or who’s thoughts tend to dwell on the negative, live side by side with their worries. Constantly living so close to your anxieties will eventually take hold of you, making it very easy for you to slide into a depressive state.what causes panic attack symptoms

Traumatic events in the past
Another common cause of anxiety is a particularly traumatic event or events that have happened in the past. These may include;

• Death of a loved one
• Divorce
• Violence
• Sexual offence
• Failed relationships
• Failure to complete a goal/goals
• Guilt

When faced with such adversaries, the victim gives up hope and indulges in a constant unsettling state of mind. Ultimately when these individuals recall the past traumatic events, or come across something that stimulates the same fear, they become anxious.

Anxiety is a lot more complicated than it seems.

Research shows that nearly half of the victims that suffer from anxiety are afraid to go to a professional for diagnosis and treatment in fear of being seen as an outcast by their peers. Therefore, a lot more people are suffering with anxiety than just those who are officially diagnosed.

We can help these people ourselves with the simplest of actions. Being kind to people and appreciating them can turn their day around. It may mean very little to us, but it’ll surely mean something to those who suffer. We can make this world a happier place with just the tiniest effort.

what causes anxiety disorders and panic attacks


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